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what is the difference between Stone Green (HS) and Dark Stone (T7)


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September 1, 2009
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2018 Ford Explorer Sport
I order a hatchback from an 08 explorer and apparently the actual color code is HS and my vehicle is T7. Looking at pictures of the 08 explorer and comparing it with the 06...I see no difference at all except ford changing the name of the color on the window sticker dark stone clearcoat met to stone green. Can someone please help me understand this better, thanks : )

I am sure that there is a noticeable difference in color. The T7 is more grey in color and the HS is more of a brown earth like color.

Dark Stone Clear-Coat Metallic is also known as Charcoal Beige. Wouldn't be surprised if Stone Green is the same. Probably having trouble finding a name that truly represents the color. Only description I could come up with is brownish-green, which probably wouldn't go over very well with marketing.

thanks everyone for the wonderful info, looks like ford just change the name for marketing purpose, reading on the f-150 forum