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What is this called?


November 13, 2012
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Roanoke, Virginia
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1994 Explorer Sport
I was wondering what this piece is called and also where could I get one. Its the thing that your hood rests on when closed and I cant seem to find it on any website, but the truth is, I don't know the correct name for it lol. My Ex only had one on it when I bought it , and the hood sits just a looked crooked. I would really like to find one for the other side to level my hood out, but I hope i don't have to pay a dealership price for one. Any help would be greatly appreciated....and I cant seem to figure out how to put a picture on here.

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Have you looked into buying one from the junkyard? That might be your best bet!

there are lots of names for it.. if you call a ford garage just tell them you need the rubber bumper for the hood. i have a new one in a bag somewhere, ill try to get the pn

I lost those on our X years ago. I got tires of watching the hood rock going down the road (and the noise it made) so I found something to replace it with.

The "Help" section of the auto parts store should have upper control arm bumpstops which has a threaded bolt on it.
The one I'm using is Dorman p/n RNB-31053 (I think thats the dorman number)

I just put them on, then trimmed them down so they were the right height and viola.. new hood bumper/stop/thingamajiger.

Here is a pic I stole from the 'net that is what I'm using.



Thank you guys so much! Just ordered it, and cant wait to fix the crooked hood!