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What is this part called?


September 2, 2010
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The part that goes around the outside like a u shape around the front billet grille i want to see if i can get one in chrome but i don't know what they are called do you?

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Let me know how you make out. I refer to it as the smile on the front of my Explorer. I wish they would make a self sticking overlay for that area. The paint chips there and it would be nice to neaten it up with something in chrome.

Don't know what it is called, although I know that it is a part of a larger piece. I can't remember if it is the grille or the plastic piece that goes all the way across and holds in the taillights.

judging from this:


it appears to be a part of the grill.

It's not part of the grille on my car i have the billet grill then the other part under it that's black.I wonder if there is a chrome stick on you get for it.

If this is what you are talking about, it's part of the header panel. Check the link I posted earlier:


Yes that's what i'm talking about.Its not attached to the stock grille that i took off my car.

Sorry Rondo, right you are, work was blocking photobucket.

If you cant find stick ons you could try chrome paint. Not sure how the finish would look but I'm sure your local panelbeater will be able to give you an idea of how the end job would look.

go to a place where they do vinil window signs and ask them if they can put a silver decal on it i know it can be done with that tipe of decal and the color is ok