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What is this part?


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June 25, 2005
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2000 North Face

In this picture (right hand side) where the words 'relay module' . What is the cable that runs across the picture. it has a bulbous bit in the middle which has a wiring connector on it. Should it get hot? I was using your thread to check a battery drain and was looking for the relay box when I noticed it was hot.


Photo courtesy of PHatGroB

Yes the wire is connected to that cable. I checked it again and it was hot to the touch - almost to hot to hold. I disconnected the wire and the bulbous bit cooled down. I als started the car and ran through all the switches and gears - nothing had seemed to stop working, I have tried to find out where the cable went. It appears to go into the dash in the area of the steering column while the other goes into the centre console.

Bump as Im taking it to the garage Thursday and want to know just in case...Thanks