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What i've been up to...


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June 15, 2007
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Been a while since i posted on here so i thought id show you guys what ive been up to!
You guys might remember my truck used to look like this:


but i sold the wheels and tires so i could get better gas mileage and tow better.
now she looks like this:
yes its kinda sad but harley davidson 20s from a f150 and 32s are coming!


but anyways...
what ive been up to.
got tired of beating up a expensive truck and get a real beater:

1988 Suzuki Samurai 4x4
SPOA lift
huge scary shackles
rancho 7000 shocks
spidertrax driveline spacers
stainless extended brake lines
31x12.5r15 Super Swamper Boggers
15x10 chrome wagon wheels
Hi-Steer setup
Trail Tough spool in rear end

Goes everywhere and i love it! I flat flow it with the Sport Trac!






Nice Zuk! I don't blame ya. You can abuse that Zuk much more than the ST.

I think that's the way the ST 4x4 should look from the factory. That's the way an F-150 4x4 looks stock compared to the F-150 4x2 stock.

If you don't have a transmission temperature gauge installed, I would suggest you do that. You would be amazed at how you can abuse the transmission(overheat it) in just stop and go traffic without towing.

Last weekend, I towed an 85 Mustang behind my Limited with a tow dolly from Phoenix to Texas. A few times my tranny temp went above 210 and I stopped to give it a rest.

I love those old samarais. I looks sweet man, real sweet.

Thanks guys, it is alot more fun to drive than the ST too
the sport trac absorbed every bump and had a/c and power steering, thats no fun! haha
but when mud pours into the samurai i dont care, its a nice feeling :)