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What kind of 5.0?


October 29, 2013
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1987 Chrysler Conquest
Brother has a 5.0 Limited AWD '99 Explorer, and we're looking to make it more fun. In order to do that, I need to know what kind of 5.0 it is. I'm almost sure it's a modular, but I have a choice of Boss, modular V8, and small block Windsor. I'm almost sure it's not a Boss, and I thought Windsors were 351's/5.8. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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Post pics of the Conquest.

Wow I never would have thought, thanks. And for your viewing pleasure, the Quest in it's hayday (before the paint faded)
You can see the explorer in some pictures



Cool car!

With all the speed parts available for the 302, why would you want to buy something someone else built. Build your own, man. Build it like you want, Cam, heads, manifold, carb/fuel injection. Of course, maybe where you live you cant do that. That is one of the good things about here in Az. Not Maricopa or Pima county though.

Well I guess my question is, where would I acquire a supercharger that would bolt on? (centrifugal preferred) My brother was thinking last night, and he asked me "What is some good bolt-on power?" Of course my first thought was headers and full exhaust, injectors, intake (if they have them), heads, and supercharger. I'm not sure of a dependable, not-insanely over-priced source to get them all from, though.

5.0L performance potential

In my opinion any bolt on to improve engine air flow will be limited by the restrictive stock exhaust headers. The only aftermarket headers for the Explorer 5.0L that I'm aware of are Torque Monster Headers with sporadic availabillity, fairly high cost ($789), and modest performance improvement. Without a body lift there just isn't room for high performance headers. For information on the forum group purchase: TORQUE MONSTER Headers GROUP BUY
A custom intake may add 2 hp or so. The stock injectors are probably adequate for any performance improvements of 20 rwhp or so. A full flow exhaust (not including the headers) will possibly add 5 rwhp. Superchargers (if you can find one that fits) may add significant low end torque but max rwhp increase will be limited by the restrictive headers. A Whipple or Eaton (probably requires a hood scoop) is more likely to fit than a centrifugal blower.

So basically we're stuck with heads, cams, and stroker kits? Because that's what it sounds like! Hahaha