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What kind of an amp do i need


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September 15, 2002
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HI everybody! I don't now too much about car audio and I was hoping one of you who nows what they are taking about can help me. I just recently purchased a pair of JL Audio 10" woofers from good guys(it was an open box item) . They are the W3 series at around 600 watts peak. I aslo wanted to buy a amp from them, but they where too expensive. the guy i was talking to wasn't too sure about what kind of an amp i need. I have noticed that there is a mono amp and a multi-channel amp. Some one told me a mono amp would be the best since i am still using my stock head unit and plan to keep it that way. I am not sure about what kind of an amp i should get and how many watts it should be. Al&Eds tried to sell me something for 500 dollars and told me that this particular amp is the only one that would work with this setup, so i left not being able to afford an amp for $500.:( Please help me!!! Everyone tells me something different. and also the car is 97 explorer sport if it makes any kind of a difference.

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I'd use a mono amp at about 350-400 RMS or a bridged 2 channel amp at about 200 RMS.

What is the RMS wattage of the speakers?

It kinda depends on what subs they are - I know they are W3 but what impedance - they come in either Dual 2 ohm, Dual 4 ohm or Dual 6 ohm. In any case you want about 600 watts RMS at whatever impedance you have.

Figure out what they are then it is easier to help but something like the JBL 600.1 should work and is around $200 on ebay.

I have a JBL 600.1 that was running 2 12w3's for a few months that I can sell you for $170 in the box.


Ok, for the JL 10"s you have this is what I would use to power them. http://www.cardiscountstereos.com/Catalog Page.asp?Product+#=VIBE428

This is why...

Your subs are DVC and run off two channels. The average RMS for your "quality" or "level" of sub runs at 4ohms. You have more options but I like to stay around there. Second, since both channels are 125watts RMS, you are putting 250watts to each sub which is the amps RMS and also right at the sub's peak power handling. Any more power and you would compromise your sub life drasticly, especially if using a ported box enclosure. I chose this amp becasue it's cheap but it also performs well...my friend has 3 of these in various cars and loves them.

The wattage you put to each sub also depends upon the kind of box you use, ported = lower wattage and sealed is at or just under RMS.

If you want more power than that...your just better off getting new subs. Let me know if you have any more questions.


I am goin to good guys to pick yp the woofers today or tommorow, whenever i get the chance. When i get the woofers i will find out what the exact specs of the woofers are and post them. Thank you all for helping me through this big decision;) :)

I got my woofers

OK guys Iwent and picked up my woofers today and here is some of the specs. They are 2 10" W3's version 2 wired to 4 ohms at 600 watts and 250 constant. PLEASE HELP ME with the amp. Do i need to buy a mono or a 2 channel. The guy at good guys told me that a mono would be better but wouldn't make much of a difference. HELP!!!!!! Thanks for your help in advance.

OK I'm guessing you have dual 2 ohm coils wired in series. You should get a mono amp thats 500 watts RMS at 2 ohms, run the coils series like they are now, run the subs parallel.

They are DVC, 4 ohm voice coils...use the amp I sent you a link of. It puts exactly 250watts at 4ohms to each sub (125w per channel). Both the amp's RMS and your subs RMS.


I want to thank all of you guys for your help, but as you can all see I am getting different opinions from different people. One person is telling me to get a mono amp and another is telling me to get a 4 channel amp, I think i am more confused now than i was before. Anyways I wanted to thank all of you for your help and i just might get the lanzar 4 channel amp that was recomended. and if i dont get that one i am goin to good guys and closing my eyes and pointing at an amp. whichever one i point to, i will get unless it is too expensive. WISH ME LUCK

You don't want a 4 channel amp for subs. It won't be as efficient as a Class D amp...

sq would be better with the 4 channel but only very nominally.

it would be cheaper and more efficient to get a mono amp- i would go that route

dude- get a better amp than that.

mtx makes some that aren't much more $$ that will sound a ton better same with rockford and many others.

yeah dont get the bazooka. i got the el1500 off of ebay for 90 bucks. its a 600 watt mono amp. that thing just distorts if u turn the gain up any past half. Now i have a 760 watt pioneer and it sounds good. i have two Alpine type E 10s. I know this sounds stupid but my friend has a 1200 watt legacy. Even though it dosent put out nearley the advertised wattage that thing hits hard and when i say hard i mean it.

What do you guys think of a kenwood 2 channel 600 watt amp for 80 bucks shipped. A friend of mine found this amp being sold on his forum and he thinks it's a great deal. I can get one for 80 or two of them for 150 shipped. Here is what the amp looks like. http://www.kenwoodusa.com/product/product.jsp?productTypeId=11&sortBy=price&pageId=2&productId=713
I now you guys said a mono amp would work the best with this system but it seems like such a good deal, I didn't want to pass it up with out asking your opinion first.

The Kenwood 2 channel that you can get will work but the current draw will be higher then if you got one class D amp.

If you can it would be better to get a mono amp - take a look at a Rockford Fosgate 501BD - 500 watts at 2 ohms (note - the amp will put out more then this, Fosgate under rates power, Kenwood overrates) for $270

RF doesn't underrate their power anymore. They use to give watt ratings at 12V. Then Lanzer bought them and now they give ratings at 14.4V.

Most people I talk to think RF quality went down after they were bought out.

I don't know though, my RF amps are three years old and sound good. I had to replace the inputs on one of them though :rolleyes: