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What kind of clearcoat?

I am going to be painting some lund hood scoops for my ex. I have paint from paintscratch.com to match the paint on the ex. My question is, after i paint them with that matching paint what kind of clearcoat should be used. I didnt want to spend the $20 on a can of clearcoat from paintscratch.com. Can I use some kind of generic clearcoat if I use a few coats. I just want something fairly cheap but something that will look good and not come off.

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anyone have any suggestions for this? I know im buggin but im trying to find out tonight so I can go out and get some clearcoat in the morning.

I would just spend the extra $$$ and buy the stuff from paintsracth.com or whatever you said it was... I'm buying mine from
I figure $10 extra or whatever is better then having it look bad. I just hope they match up my color right!!!!

I understand your wanting to spend less, but when it is something that visual, I tend to say f*ck it and spend the extra $$$ just to make sure... it is worth it in the long run

Anything will do. What makes the paint looks perfect is not in the paint, but your technique. First, spray in an even pattern to avoid any buildup. And after you got your desired coats of clears, wet sanding the roughness will enhance the shine a lot! Use 1500 or 2000 grit sandpaper and sand the area with a sanding block to prevent patterns. After sanding, clean it good then slab on a few coats of wax and you're done!

cool thanks guys i appreciate it. Im gonna go buy some clearcoat her in a bit and then paint tomorrow as some stuff came up today and wont have time to do it. I will try to take some pics