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what lift parts can I use from a Ranger?


February 1, 2005
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Detroit, MI (yeppers, redneck white boy invading D-town! :-P)
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1991 XLT 4x4
Just picked up a 91 Explorer 4x4 XLT a couple weeks ago, and it sits painfully low :p A buddy of mine has a 90 Ranger with a 4" suspension lift and a 3" body lift installed, but a roasted tranny that he only wants a couple hundred bucks for. I haven't seen the truck, so I don't yet know if the suspension has sagged any decent amount, or what brand it is.

Assuming it's all good, what lift parts can I swap to my Explorer? I know the rear is going to be a problem, since the Ranger is spring over, and my X is spring under. I'm hoping that I can make a custom spring pack swapping leafs between the Ranger pack, and my stock pack to level the truck out. Everything from the front should bolt right up tho, right?

I know that the Ranger body lifts and X ones carry different part numbers, but might I be able to fudge it for a while until I can get the proper kit in there? I'm hoping between the 4" suspension, 3" body, and some fender trimming I can squeeze my 35s in there. I won't be doing any offroading until early May, at which time I'll have plenty of play cash to buy the proper body lift kit, but the stock tires are in need of replacement ASAP, and I have a set of 35" M/Ts in the garage waiting to be put on (along with 4.56 gears for the axles) Would rather not dump another hundred or two into smaller tires just for a few months use.....

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Welcome to the site.
The front suspension parts from ranger will interchange, the rear is a diffrent story I see two options 1) you can get 4" lift leaves for a explorer. 2) you can add f-150 spacer in the front for 1 5/8" more lift and go spring over axle (SOA) in the rear and use your stock explorer springs. This will give ~5.5" of lift.

The body lift on explorers is 10 blocks plus bolts, Someplace on this site I have posted what size bolts they are, You may be able to search around and find that info.

does this hold true for the second gen also? will parts for a 98-2005(or what) fit my 2000, or will it be different because i have 4 wheel drive?

Maybe someone else will chime in and confirm this, But yes if you use the apporate year ranger lifts will fit on the explorers, The rangers stayed TTB till 98 or so.

98 is the year rangers changed, but i dont know how close they are, thinking of sticking a prerunner suspension under it if it fits, without a whole lot of new fabing, dreaming anyways probly

i am using 6" skyjacker explorer coils with 2" f-150/bronco coil spacers and springing over the leaf springs on the axle with warrior shackles with 8" skyjacker ranger radius arms and a skyjacker explorer transmission crossmember and maybe a 3" body lift on one on my trucks and the other one i am using 8" f-150/bronco coil springs with 2" f-150/bronco coil spacers then springing over the axle with warrior shackles 1.5" lift block with 8" f-150/bronco radius arms and a explorer transmission crossmember and maybe a 3" body lift also.

are these first or second gens?

i am takin 79 F150 coil springs for a 2 inch lift, radius arms and brackets from a 84 bronco, buying skyjacker 8 inch lift center pivot brackets, with 150 coil spacers, then tha rear it will be SOA and add a leaf. but that is until i can find the D60s and everything i need for a SAS so i can go up to 40's, but that will take sum time tho by the way i have a 91 xlt x

body lift ranger/explorer help?

Hi I have been reading as many post as I can to get the hang of all this body lift and suspention lifts. I have a problem that fits under this heading I bought a body lift kit for a 93-94 ranger /splash 3" (PA 813)and I have a 93 Explorer so I thought it might work as from what I have read there are many parts the same. My Question is will the steering adapter from this kit work on my explorer. I am not sure how the extention is supose to fit or what it is suppose to look like. Any help on this would be very!!! much appreciated. I am a very capeable welder/fabricater but just new to the 4x4/mechanical side of things.
ps: I bought this kit because I got it very cheap. I did notice that it has 13 blocks in it instead of the 10 I expected to see. also ido you have any pointers that would help.
Vancouver Island