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what muffler for my 70 LTD?? Help


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October 27, 2004
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98 XLT
I have a 1970 LTD with a 390 in it. When I bought it, it had a new exhaust under with "i Don't know" mufflers. Was pretty quiet though. So I thought, let's try glasspacks to see how it sounds.
Well, sound good, but I got a reall loud humming and vibration around 950-1200rpm!!! very annoying.

So now I am trying to figure out, is it because I cut the pipes before the rear axle and they don't go all the way to the back anymore. Or is it the muffler? What kind of muffler should I get? I don't want expensive ones, I was looking maybe Dynomax turbos or something like that. But I am afraid, they would be to quiet again, too??

any ideas?

Just some regualar "Turbo Mufflers" will be just fine, but put tail pipes on them, as that's where most of the reverbiation is coming from.

thanks, that is just what I wanted to know!!