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what next?


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December 9, 2004
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Brentwood TN
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'99 XLT 4x4
well guys i dug out about $1800 of spendin money for the ex and not sure where to go next, so far i have locked up the rear, put on a tow hitch, bought a procomp tow strap, took runnin boards off and put rino in its place, got some quick disconnects and got about 840 bucks left. i was thinkin about gettin a roof rack, 4 more PIAA lights (matchin up brush guard PIAAs), spare tire mount and a highlift jack, or goin the other way and lookin at performance, maybe get a throttle body spacer, headers (playin with the idea) and so on, what do u guys think? what would u do?

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How about a solid front axle?

How serious are you about wheeling this truck?


What's this rhino your talking about? Did you have a bunch of holes, when you removed the running boards? Do you have any pics?

^^Sounds like he's talking about using Rhino liner on his rocker panels...

SAS if you are serious. If not and you want a bit more clerance maby a 2 or a 3 inch bl some 35's regear to a 4.56 or a 4.88. If that is not your avenue then the brush guard and the roof rack sound like a great idea....

bmxking5 said:
^^Sounds like he's talking about using Rhino liner on his rocker panels...

Can this stuff be cut, or is it pre-made? Is it flat or has grooves in it? How does it go on? Anyone.

as far as your question for rhino goes i am rhino lining over the holes bc there r a lot of them, second of all i dont have near enough money to straight axle the right way, it would take me forever and a day to make that kind of money, and all modifications r going toward my dayly ride, i am a serious wheeler but not as hardcore as some, my wheelin trips consist of trails off the side of the road and stuff like that, i make a few trips to LBL and Wheelin in the Country and Windrock whenever i have the time so its plane to see that the purhcase of a straight axles isnt necessary so mainly loookin at the bare essentials

:eek: Oh man, he messed up. Rhino liner is for Heeps. On Explorers you are supposed to use Herculiner. :D

get a front locker, and regear. Hi-Lifts are 50 bucks, and there pretty much essential because that stock bottle jack in your car isnt designed for a lifted vehicle. If you can do alot of fabrication yourself, a SAS with a Dana30 probably wouldnt be that expensive. I'm starting to look into it. J602 swapped in a D30 pretty easy using leaf springs.