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what offset for 20's on a bagged 2nd gen?

i need it to be able to tuck, and my stock rims (the 15" teardrop ones) are pretty close to hitting the body. i need something that sits further in just a tad. what offset should i look for? im pretty set on 20x8.5" kmc rockstar's in black. :D

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bump, anyone?

I believe the offset of the stock wheels is +12mm. You're going with a wheel that is 1.5" wider so I would say you need a wheel with ~ +20mm offset, and you should be good. I think I did this right... :dunno:

I could be talking out of my ass too, so hopefully someone else will chime in.

Here is a good site to figure all that crap out. https://www.rsracing.com/tech-wheel.html

so +20 would sit further in the wheel well than the stock rim would (being an equivlent width to the stock rim being as the new one is 1.5" wider?)

ill just order and if your wrong it will be your fault!

jk, ill read over that site and hopefully some others will chime in :)

thanks though for the site

and the info even if it ends up being wrong LOL

I was going off the chart below.

If you look at the stock explorer wheel which is 7" wide and has the backspacing of 4.5" it says the offset is +12mm.

If you look at a wheel that is 8.5" wide and go to 5.5" backspacing (I used this since you want it to be an inch more inward) it says the offset is +19mm.

Again, totally guessing, :shifty_ey but it makes sense in my head. :biggthump


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Are you making the tubs bigger as well, so you won't have to worry about rubbing on the inside of the wheel well? That's anothe thing to think about, since they'll be going so far up there.

ya, rubbing the tread is no issue, ill make the new wheel wells high enough.

its the width, i want it to be able to tuck without the front or back of the wheel hitting anything.