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What part do I need for a rebuild?


December 23, 2008
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97 XLT
Its a 4.0 4x4 1997 Explorer with hard to engage R and D. OD light flashes.
Oil is not very clean... The previous owner drove it with a empty filter. :eek:

I have looked at www.auto-repair-manuals.com and the 5R55E Transmission Deluxe Overhaul Kit
Item Number: K2700J-R-4WD

It contains:

* All Paper & Rubber
* Metal Clad Seals
* Ring Kit
* Friction Clutches
* Steel Plates
* Filter
* Modulator
* Band - Intermediate & Overdrive
* Bushing Kit or Popular Bushings
* Popular Washers

Is this all I need if I also buy the TCC & EPC solenoids and a manual?
Should I also do a Valve Body Rebuild when I do the rebuild of the rest?

Rebuild the valve body first before you rebuild the entire transmisson. It might be all that it needs. If not, then you could rebuild everything. Check the sticky thread in the transmission called the 5R55E valve body rebuild diary for more information.