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What part is this?


January 17, 2011
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97 explorer eb
I have found the issue with my leak in anti freeze. Howevere I need to know what part this is to get a new one. I have pictures of it but can not post on this site. I can email them to someone if they can help. It is located under the hood near where the washer fluid goes (97 explorer). It looks like there are two hoses that run into it and the top has a knob. Thanks!

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If you look close in the second picture it is cracked and anti freeze is just squriting out of it. Can you buy this part at any kind of auto store or will I have to go to ford? Also will be be hard to switch out for a new one?

That is a t-fitting you would attach a hose to when flushing the cooling system. You just need to get a new flush kit with the fitting for your hose size.

Any auto parts store will have it. Easy to do.

You should be able to find that at an auto parts store. Call first. Remove the part and have a friend drive you to the store. DON'T drive your Ex without coolant.

They also make/sell inline couplers you could put in there to replace the T if you are never going to use it to flush the system. I think they call them hose repair kits since you normally cut a hose with a leak and shove this piece in there with hose clamps.

Of course, the other option is to just replace the hose with another one and not put the t back in. Its just something else to leak.


Thanks for all your help!