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What should I do??????


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May 9, 2003
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96' XLT
I got my explorer last week I wanna get tags at the begining of june so i need to get emmisions the guy who I got it frrom said he got it smoged checked.... and it was fine ...... and no lights come on and there a service thing from gresse monkey from 5,000 miles earlier.......... so should i take it to emmisions or get it serviced first?

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Go to one of those places where if you don't pass, you don't pay. Have any of those in CO? If your truck is running smooth as butter its highly doubtful that you will not pass smog. I say take it in and smog it.

If I am not mistaken, they will send you a notivce if you need to be tested.

That is how they do it in Maryland at least.

In many states in addition to annual or biannual smog checks, a vehicle will need to be smogged on any sale or transfer. Often a recent SMOG less than 60 days old will do. Your state agency should be able to tell you. Whenever you buy a vehicle that is going to need to be smogged, make darn sure you make the smog a condition of sale. I had a friend who bought a car, an older one, and smog was never mentioned. Bought and paid for, it would not pass smog. Guess who ate the problems? Yep, he did.

You said the CEL was not on. Most smog places I know of will not even touch a vehicle with a CEL on. I am not even sure thay can pass one with a CEL on even if everything else is ok.

Enjoy your new explorer


CEL is an acronym for Check Engine Light

Here is what you should do. Move up to summit county where you don't need to have your emissions tested, and then begin living life in the wonderful mountains. Problem solved! ;)

Denver allows a second free test if you do not pass the first one.