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What Should Lincoln Call Its Upcoming Aviator-Sized Electric Vehicle?


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December 28, 2010
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I'm not signing up on another site, and getting sucked down that well (as well).
But, hmm, something retro futuristic. To me the Aviator has the retro vibes, with old school luxury, and old school Aviation (especially mine with that AWESOME Engine Turned Aluminum trim, has the 1920s/30s look to me!
SO, the Eviator, (NOT MY CHOICE!) should be something like that but futuristic, like the Jetsons or Rocketman type of idea.
Comet was mentioned (in a funny way) on Ford Authority, but that was always a cheaper car. With them putting car names on SUV/Trucks, (Mustang, Maverick) how about putting "Marauder" back on it IF it is loaded for bear on power. The Marauder was the name of a plane, and it was a Bomber (this could be a bomb anyway ;) ) but hmm, something more Jet/Rocket like.
Has to be something not already a name claimed by another car company, maybe "Zephyr"?
Heck, even Continental wouldn't be bad, just whatever, if anyone at Lincoln is out there lurking, GIVE IT A NAME, not a string of characters.