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what size lift for 35's

loco offroad

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March 3, 2004
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'92 E.B.
hey everyone,
I am running a 6" skyjacker lift w/ 33's on a first gen, but i am considering 35's i wanted to know if i need more lift or if can fit 35's on my lift. I dont want to lift too much more b/c as it is i am top heavy with my rack and tire mounted up top. Any help?

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35's will fit I'm told. Will need a little trimming, but not much.

now you got me thinkin how much i need 35's

I'd like them too. But my gearing won't have any of it. Maybe some day in the future.

The fitment will vary depending on the wheel width and back spacing. 35s will fit with a 2" BL or fiberglass fenders. If you only have an 8" rim then 35 may fit with fender trimming. Keep in mind 35s are a big jump for the D35.

You can measure with a tape. A 35 inch over a 33 inch tire will require an addition inch of clearance, assuming the same wheel and tire brand. I agree with NOTAJP. If you want to go to a 35-inch tire, maybee you should save your money and go solid axle.

Thanks for the imput. I guess i will just stick with 33's. I dont to go straught axle b/c it is my daily driver and if i had it i would do more stupid stuff offroad. That and i am already soo top heavy as it is. I was just wondering. Thanks

My SAS is my daily driver and drives 80+mph on the freeway all day long and not any more top heavy then with the TTB.

BTW, it drives better than stock. My wife drives the hell out of it all day long. We take it on 3k mile trips as well with the whole family.

I have the Skyjacker 6" kit with F-150 spacers, SOA,and Warrior Shackels. I had to put a 1" body lift to give that little bit of extra needed clearance. The tires still scrub the front factory bumper under full stuff. I just had the fenders trimmed slightly. All and all about 8" of lift is perfect. Now this is on a 2DR Sport! Your 4DR may need more? I know there is a difference between them.

This is before the fender trimming under full stuff going up a ramp backwards. Passenger's front 35".


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ok so i have always wondered this. On a body lift.....what else do i need to extend and stuff? do you have to modify anything on a 1" body lift?
I was considering it on my last truck but i was thinkin that i would have to extend the steering and gas tank hoses and brake lines? DO i have ot do any of that?

With only a 1" lift you don't need any of that stuff. You will have a slight gap between your grill and bumper but the rear bumper I think you can adjust it enough. I did get the shifter extender for my 5 speed to put it in a more comfortable location and to keep from hitting my coffee cup all the time. But you really don't need it.

Mine auto so i dont need that...another question.....how much more power did you loose with 35's? did you ever have 33's on it? i know my truck still has power considering i have 33's. And it goes fast down the road....never toped out but i sure can move!

I have 4.56 gears so I actually have more power now than what I did with my factory set up. I did have 33's but I also had the 4.56 gears at that time. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

We have a Superlift 5.5 which actually sits about the same as the Skyjacker 6 because of the stiffer springs on the Superlift. We put a 3 inch BL on and the 35s clear fine. This is with 35x12.50s on a 10 inch rim too. The only time it gets close to rubbing is at the bottom rear of the front wheel well when the truck is in extreme angle and a little bounce. This is where everyone rubs on Xploders. It can be fixed with just a small amount of trim but other than that the 35s will go no problem even w/o the trim.

You do not have to add anything other than the body lift and a shifter extention if you want because it actually is fine w/o the extention. No other mods are needed.

I also have the f-150 spacers and warrior shackles, which gives an extra 1.5 inch lift. Keep in mind that the 2 door sports usually has more fender clerance. Hope all works out for you.