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What subs should I get?

Originally posted by expo5.0
yeah, when these arguments get going i always like to point out which brands are used at the highest levels of competition- you just dont' see the small internet brands used in sq or spl competition.

What about DD?

A sub is like a car engine. It is all about the install. Some subs have better characteristics for a certain type of install, but you can alter that alot with the installation done. As far as competition, I am not surprised. Everyone's grandma has a w7, or kicker L7 :D A pure sq install cannot take advantage of 20+mm of real xmax, so why bother.

When I used to give people a demo of my diamond tdx12 with 1000 watts, they would ask me if I had a pair of jl's, or kickers :mad: before I told them what I had.

i have a JL W7 and it sounds great. how much are you looking to spend?