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What the heck is this???


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September 19, 2005
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Geraldton ontario
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97 explorer sport 4.0
well today i drained out my old oil from a catch pan....and as i was doing that i kept seeing the leaf poping up in the oil, so at the end i pulled it out and set it aside...i forgot all about it till a cuple of mintues ago, so i checked it if would stick to a magnet becasue i didnt know if it was a leaf or what..

and sure enough it did, its very thin and kinda burnt on one side..its looks gray and very brittle..its from the last time i change my oil, about 2 weeks ago...i should cut open my old filter just so see if anything is in it too..

i tool a picture but its not much use( too fuzy ), i dont know how to use the thing

Anyone know what this might be? its not anything from my garage that got in the oil becasue it was stored under a shelf


Can you take a better picture?or maybe scan it?

OK, this is from awhile back...but as i was refilling my oil i found what is came from...is paint from the filler tube where you add the oil, it is a little rusty and the paint was peeling off..

just thought id let yous know incase someone else has the same problem