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what to do with my wrecked sploder


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April 8, 2004
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02 Eddie
well the other weekend I wrecked my X, on my way into work on a saturday morning to make a lil extra OT, several cars in front of me slammed on their brakes and I slammed mine. Seeing I wasn't going to stop in time I also swerved off to the right for a patch of grass to avoid a collision only I didn't see the utility pole till it was too late. Hit it dead center between the frame rails about 25 mph. both frame horns forward of the sway bar mounts are bent inwards at about a 45* angle. Otherwise it's just sheet metal. I pulled the bumper, hood, grill, fenders, lights etc and have it down to just inner fender supports and rad support to evaluate the extent of the damage.

So now I have a 4200 lb pile of basically scrap metal sitting in my garage. I will not junk it, though it does have rotted rockers and well over 250,000 miles on the clock. I'ts been a damn good vehicle and has plenty of life left. I had planned to cut out the old rockers and replace them this summer until this all happened. Few things I have in mind,

1) finish stripping down the front end by removing the rad support, rad, condenser, etc so the frame rails are fully exposed and tow it to a body shop to get a quote on pulling the frame horns straight and check the rest of the fame to make sure it's not tweaked. if price is reasonable, have them repair the frame, then go to the u pull it yard and get everything to put it back together and keep driving it.

2) Find another spolder cheep that needs an engine and/ trans or other drivetrain and swap mine over to that one and keep my shell for a parts vehicle.

3) Cut the bent frame horns off and replace with box tubing and a custom bumper, junkyard sheet metal, rattle can paint, SAS with the Dana 30 axle layin beside my garage, and make a family trail rig.

All the above I can handle on mine own with relative ease. so none of it is a question of whether or not I can do it, it's just a matter of what I want to do.

I really liked my sploder. Was my daily driver and enjoyed each and every mile I put on it. the more I drove it the more I liked it. This was my second 1st gen. So if you were in my shoes, what would be your choice? Or if you have other suggestions, please post them also.


still on scene

getting dropped off at home



you can see how bad the frame horns are bent



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WOW!!! Glad you're ok. If I were in your situation I would look for another X and mix the 2 into 1 and save the rest for parts. I am sure you can find an X with a decent interior and little to no rust for less than $500 easy. You could end up with a sweet truck for a lot less money and a fun project. Plus what you dont need you keep for later or sell to recoup money spent. Damn almost wish I had your problem, I need a summer project. Either way good luck and have fun!

p.s. I know of 2 in Tennessee if you need help finding one.

cheapest 1st gen locally need an engine and wants $750 for it. others are running and driving for 900+. I paid 600 for mine a year ago running and driving only needing a 4x4 hub.

Ha! Still cheaper than straightening the frame. Im sure you can talk them off of 750 anyways.


First of all, glad you're OK.
But you did a number on that one. Good thing they're tough.
Sad to see another 1Gen meet the end of the road.

Hope you saved that bumper to mount on your garage wall.
It's a work of art! :)

Seriously, don't see how you could salvage that one.
Was the hit hard enough to move the drivetrain?

Like everyone else is saying, you've got a good start on lots of good parts.
Come on down south and pick up a nice, rust-free one and make some special!
Lots of good, solid ones around here - including the three I have.

Good luck and stay safe!

that is the coolest looking wreck ive ever seen! the bumper is perfectly bent... i would buy another ex and call it a day. save yours for parts.

Here's the deal,you can replace the truck but not your butt.....glad you are in one piece.I would save my cash and take my time so that you can find a nice 1rst Gen to replace it.

I would sell you mine butttttt.........I have a pile of money in it and I would lose my rear on the deal.:D



thanks for the posts everyone. ya I'm fine. was a lil sore from the seat belt for a few days, other than that, no injuries. No it did not move the drivetrain. After I cut the fan belt and reset the inertia switch (fuel cut off switch) I started it and drove it around a lil bit. Other than lack of power steering it drove just fine. (no I didn't have on the road, just in my yard and into my garage) I still have all the pieces, even the ones I clean up at the scene. Everyone loves the bumper. Only thing I'd have to but drivetrain wise is the fan. The mounting hub is bent a little. So for good measue I'd replace the fan, fan clutch, and water pump. once I tore it down, where it hit, there isn't really much there that is strong on these trucks. Bumper is super thin and light, grill is all plastic, hood is pretty light weight and thin metal, rad support was actually rotting through in some places. So the impact was absorbed strictly by the bumper pulling in the frame rails. Were it not for that, I'm sure it wouldn't have stopped till the axle.

Since estimates are free, I may just take it to a body shop and get a quote. I worked for a few dealerships over the years and one I worked for the body shop manager is my neighbor so I'd get a lil bit of a break, especially if all they do is rack it, measure it, pull it and I pick it up. if it's gonna be too much though, and I buy a running driving vehicle, This will live on as a trail rig.

safn1949, thats a real beauty you got there.