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What to do


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April 19, 2013
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Dingmans Ferry PA
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2000 XLS
Hey all so I just got a 2000 explorer for next to nothing figure I'm gonna make it a trail toy I need suggestions of what to and to not do its a four door 6 cyl
I don't even know if its worth it or not since I never see lifted explorers
Suggestions please

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Do some searching on here.
I think all of us would agree it's worth making into a trail rig, very capable trucks.
Some key words to search with: TT, warrior shackles, 31x10.5, lift. You'll start getting some ideas

I've seen prerunners online but can't find anything else since this one is only a 6 cyl is lifting it worth it or just go with the 31x10.5

What's the engine have to do with it? Lots of guys wheel rangers with the 2.3 4 cyl, suzukis with the 1.8, Jeeps with whatever 4 cyl they have. The 4.0 v6 is more than enough for wheeling, the v8 is better if you're not concerned about weight.
You'll want a v8 swap if you're going the prerunner route, or copy JD and super charge it.

I figured it would I'm use to lifted pick ups I've only owned Chevys and one 71 F-100 but for $1,000 and only 134k miles and no rust I figured why not
As for prerunner I may just go the "look" part fenders, hood etc but go more mudder as far as suspension if that makes sense I never see it so why not
I plan on using it for hunting and trails to tow me and my wife's quads since its smaller then my silverado and only a 6 cyl