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What trucks have manual BW-1354??

Doug said:
97+ you need a 95-96 explorer front drive shaft. A 1350 linkage may or may not be able to be used, if depends on which one it is.

so if i found a 1354 from a 97+ ranger, then i would not need to change out my front driveshaft?

and what is the easiest way to recognize a 1354 from a 1350?

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98+ has a different front driveshaft configuration, I don't know if it's the same as an explorer or not, it probably is.

toddious said:
and what is the easiest way to recognize a 1354 from a 1350?

The front output on a 1350 is a slip spline. long front nose. The 1354 has a fixed yolk or flange on the front.

On the 1354's you should be able to swap out the front flange/yolk to the one you currently have. The rear flange/yolk is the same way.

how well would this work for 5spd 2wd.. im needing one for my conversion I know i would have to get a different rear driveshaft. but it should work out right?

its hard to find.. been lookin all day

I don't remember years exactly but they for sure came in all of the "FX4" Rangers. They are an older model of them and everything was manual in them.