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What type of bulb for fog lights?

I wanted to get a set of ion yellow fog light bulbs so that they would match my Piaa 520 ion crystal lamps that I have. However, I don't know what kind of bulbs are in my '02 xlt. Some places say h1, some say h3 and some say 9145. If anyone knows what the stock bulbs are, and where I can buy some yellow ones please let me know.

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Please go out and look at your bulbs. Tell us what # is on them and we can tell you what bulbs to get.

I looked at the fog lens and I looked at the back side of the fog housing. All I got was Valeo E2. There were many more, long numbers but I figured those were part numbers or something. Should I take the bulb out and look at that?

Yes, the bulb number is what we need. Take it out and there should be a number and/or number/letter comination on it.

alright I went and checked it out again. They are sylvania bulbs, but there were a couple different numbers on them. There was E2, 9145, and H10. None of these sound remotely familiar to me, so any help would be greatly appreciated.