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What was your favorite mod?


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November 18, 2006
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Gilbert, sc
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'91 XLT
What single modification was your favorite? you can factor anything you like into this, cost, originality, how easy it was to do, but most importantly what it did for your ride. This isn't a best first mod post. It could be the last thing you did. It can be anything as well, something simple like valve stem covers or that sticker on the side that adds 50HP, or it could be the lift that lets you clear the 44's. Even fixing something that was broken. Tell us what it is and why you like it.

Mine would have to be the brushguard, considering it was only $80 and saved my tail when I hit that mustang. Not to mention it allows me to push the dumpster around at work whenever the trash company puts it 4 ft. from the wall. Hell, I used it this morning in the back yard when i went through some trees. It also changed the visual appeal of the truck more than anything, not to mention being a mounting point for 2 KC's. (okay, advance auto's, but who cares?)

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My Atlas II transfer case made the biggest difference to the performance of my rig. Nothing like being able to gear down and crawl. Right after that I would have to say the ARB Air Lockers.

man thats a tough question, I find myself thinking about my BII and what I like the most and there isnt really one single thing that stands out, its all the mods working together

The front ARB locker I would say was the best bang for buck, I got it used from Brett for $300, had it rebuilt and installed in the diff for $300.
Your 4x4 experience will change dramatically once you get locked, I had no idea what I was missing really!

Hypertech Power Programmer. One of a few mods I have done.

Won on eBay for under $70. Seller did not know if the program was returned to the unit or not. One of his employees used it, and said it worked fine. Seller did not know if the worker deprogrammed it or not. I bought it thinking that it would need to be sent to Hypertech for a reset. I plugged it in, and it worked as it should :thumbsup:

I always considered my Explorer a turd, even when my parents owned it, and I was the only one to aggressively drive it. With the Hypertech program, it is less of a turd, but it is now amusing to drive in-town :burnout:

Either Volant intake or SCT XC2 flasher. One day I'll get TM headers and I sense those will be my fave mod.

between lift and grill guard. Lift was expensive but if i ever get bigger tires will definitely be sweet but for now definitely grill guard looks BA and makes deer filled evenings less of a worry

my punny little 2" lift and the 4 lights that i have on the roof(baja auto zone specials...but they are actually really nice with the 100w bulbs).

ahhhhh this brings back memories, i would say that my favorite mod would have to be the first thing i did, which was to go buy some parts from lowes and make myself some quick disco's. it was by no means hard, but it was the first hands on thing i did to it.

a close second would be wireing (if thats the word) my lights. not hard again but my first experence with wires.

toss up between my custom bumpers and my BW 4406 swap

My Gibson exhaust.

Lift and lockers.

Probably the Xcal2. Next would be the F150 spring upgrade.

I would have to say the lift/tires, then Duff front bumper, then the in-dash DVD(hey it keeps the kids occupied)......

4.56 gears and lockers...They get me where I want to go without burning up the tranny, and they allow me to run larger tires.

my favorite mod would be the 40 series flowmasters it made my 01 sport sound mean and tough.

I liked the "Fog Light Mod" .

It was quick "30 Seconds"

Now my Fog Light work not only with the High Beams,

but when I run just the Parking Lights"

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My 5.0 sticker :thumbsup:

Oh yeah and what came with it.