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What wheel package would you reccomend?

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I am looking to get some new wheels, and cannot decide what type to get. I have been looking at some American Racing wheels, but want other opinions. I am looking for wheels that are 17" or 18", and either black or silver. I am not looking for chrome wheels, because that would give it too much of a "rimzz" look, that I am not looking for.

This is how my thinking is going so far...

What do you think would look good?


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November 6, 2000
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I like the look of the knockoff mustang/cobra 5-spoke rims on explorers, even with the large 18" sizes it makes them look sporty rather than blinged out. The rims in the pic are similar, and look good if you wanted to go with those. I'm not much for black rims, though. Black rims look like you're riding on stock steelies from any distance. Gunmetal might be ok if theres enough stuff on the truck to match it. Otherwise silver is always good, and white would look good on a white sport.

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