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what would you do

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February 15, 2008
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okay i am stuck at what i should do i have a samurai 4x4 thats just sitting there and then i have my daily driving explorer 4x2 and ive wanted to lift my explorer for quite some time now just for some mud and light trails. but ive been thinking if i should just leave it stock and lift my samurai since its a 4x4 and make that my offroad rig well leme no what you guys think thanks

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I'd just do a SOA on the Sammy regear and run some 31'-33's. You can get a good wheeler for cheap out of it (check out Izwack's thread). It's probably light enough you could use the explorer as a tow rig for it too.

Sell both, get a 99 and hook it up...

Sell both, get a 99 and hook it up...

haha well i cant sell 2 cars to buy a 99

but i am going to check out his thread bc i would really like to get some use out of my sammy and i could tow it behind my explorer bc its so light i think it ways 200lbs with me in it.

Use the Sami as the cheap off roading toy. Leave the Ex alone if its the DD. You want to keep the DD reliable with decent gas mileage.

Sami's make great wheelers. The choice should be clear. :thumbsup::D

i know the sami is a great offroader just idk i was just tossing out the question to see what kinda response i got on it and it was clear that everyone said go with the sami on this one so ill look into all the details about kits and tires for it wish me luck ha

Lift the Samrai, I have a 2 wd drive Explorer and I get stuck in wet grass.