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what would you do?


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November 29, 2008
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las vegas nevada
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2002 ford explorer sport
well ive been on here for a while with my 02 sport 4x4 auto power everything.so far i have cherry bomb pro exuast,tt and shackles.im gonna get tint later this month when i get back from tyndall.i was just wondering what you would do if you had my truck.ive posted b4 and ppl always say if only they had one. well heres your chance to tell me what you would do. im savin for some treadwright 265/75r16s and possibly fiberglass front fenders.havent decided on the fenders id be the first 01-03 sport ive seen with them.try to find a fab shop to build me a bumper like copycats b2 superrunner as for the back my plan is a swing gate tire carrier since the stock location is in a bad location

after tt and shackles
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second on the SAS with maybe a 5.0 swap (I'm in love with the 302)

custom bumpers front and rear with a winch

what's nice about the sport is the short wheelbase, it can be handy on the trail

sas would be a ways down the road. but a winch bumper is in the works,im stuck between the prerunner bumper and a beasty winch bumper. ive seen a few prerunner bumpers where they bolted a winch plate behind it and had a fairlead at the top of the bumper but had to cut out a good piece of the grill

i wishi could steal his but he sold the truck
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Bigger tires, prerunner bumpers and a roof rack.