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What'd Santa bring everyone???

craftsman mechainc's gloves, craftsman strap wrenches, craftsman damaged bolt removers, 30' - 30,000 lb tow strap, choclate, $, Steering for my dana 44 axle (I gave that one to myself :D), compression and vacuum guages, timing light, & a Dell laptop.

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$50 Sears gift card (fahetr in-law)
Pair of Cabela house slippers (brother in-law)
Jeff Gordon pocket watch (wife)
$50 cash (mom)
Blaupunt in-dash CD for my truck (myself)
JVC CD recorder (wife and I)
Direct TV Satelite (wife and I)

Originally posted by DeagleDave
what the two grand in cash was just a little present? damn i need to marry into your family

It was a from 4 different people so combined it was 2 grand

I got all toys basically.

Subwoofer for home theater system
Fast and the Furious Kit for ZipZap
Modifiers F-150s
Model Airplanes for my model airport
New clock radio

Thats 'bout it. Got everything I wanted. :D I'm so happy!

i got:

1. Cash from both sets of grandparents
2. New Motorola Cell Phone
3. Chocolate from parents and my boss
4. My parents had me custom fitted for a new suit from Jos. A. Bank Clothier
5. 2 ties from Jos. A. Banks
6. socks from Jos. A. Banks
7. 2 dress shirts from Jos. A. Banks
8. 1 casual shirt from Jos. A. Banks
9. CD


Candy, cash, clothes, a gift card to best buy, set of tools, tool chest, and a digicam

Santa is a nice guy... ya' know?

1) New Bridgestone Dueler A/Ts
2) White face reverse Indiglo guages from procarparts.com (hey santa shops there to?! WOW!)
3) A Handsome $350 spending cash from the rents (sorry... not Haggard's $2,000 [is it like a BarMitzvah or something :)])
4) LOTS of clothes... thank God
5) Socket wrench set (about time!)
6) 'Automotive repair kit' <-- It's not all that bad
7) 12V Repair light ... like a shop light... only 12V
8) New socks! Whoray for parents!
9) UV Dye from riskreactor.com (Computer thing.)
10) www.buy.com Gift Certificate
11) Some other stuff... I cant remember, but cool stuff

God I love santa.
Merry (Late) Christmas

Toy stuff:
helicopter thing that launches so far
Bit Char-G(sube WRX)
Model car

DVD player
Loads of Chocolate
Cash Cash Cash
Lots of small stuff
Snowboard Lock
Snowboard Carrying Bag
Ford Racing Licence Plate

76 Trans Am w/ 455 and posi-traction 3.42 rear end..4 speed munson. rebuilt engine puts out 400+ HP..goes 70 through 1st gear, need I say more.

Yes, Lots more...

Associated RC10GT Stadium Truck
Season Tickets to the Georgia Force (arena football...bad ass)
Gift Certificates
Addition to our lake house (gift to ourselves)
Cool Pens

2 Alpine Type E 12" Subwoofers
Alpine MRV-T320 Amp
Enough monster cables to wire up the pentagon.

$175 cash

$50 in circuit city gift cards

dart board, splinter cell for xbox, a new bucket/sponge/armor all ect.

and a TON of paintball related items that most of you wouldn't understand what I'm talking about ;).


From rents:
New Motorola T720 cell phone (color one)
Blue Timberland Boots
VCR so I can watch game tape in my room
Pair of Gloves
Gold chain with football number 66 on it
Billy Madison DVD

From Girlfriend:
2 club box tickets to the Rangers vs Flyers game Feb 8th

From wife:

Leather Jacket
JVC 180 watt in dash CD player for X :D
CD burner for computer
video games


Tons of cloths (mostly shirts & ties needed for work)
$500 cash
set of sockets (badly needed)
$100 gift certificate to Treasure Island in Las Vegas
:D :D
Bunch of stuff for future house

Oh yea, I gave the X some new rotors and pads. Installed these Christmas eve morning, only took about 1.5 hours.

Merry X-mas,