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what's the fastest you've done

i got to 115 in my X on I-95, but ive done 170+ in my friends dads BMW 750i with performance mods

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140mph in a '93 Ford Crown Vicky Police Car (yes I was driving) :D

Indicated 100mph in......

A 1974 Ford Courier Pickup when I was 16 yrs old. On a really long downhill, so I could build up the speed ;)

If you're not familiar with this vehicle here are some of the specs:

- 72 HP 1800cc 4 cyl mazda engine

- approx 2900lbs curb weight

- aerodynamics of a brick

- rated 1/2 ton (1000lb) capacity (so it was sprung stiff as a board)

- drum brakes at all 4 wheels, 3000mi adjustment interval (not self adjusting)

It was the relative lack of brakes that made it exciting when the first turn came up:D

Reporter: " A.J Foyt, what's it like to drive an Indy car at over 200mph?"

A.J. Foyt: " Very similar to driving a Pinto at 90mph."

140+ in my honda prelude scarry fully loaded down with luggage trying to make good time in utah.

135 on my suzuki gsxr 600 and felt great

90 in lifted X and felt very scarry. Ha Ha

120+ in '92 Probe
120+ in '93 Cherokee [since wrecked, who woulda thought?]
approx. 95 in the Explorer
supposedly I hit over 100 mph in a '91 Mercury Tracer, as said by my friend in his Chevy next to me, it never felt like I was over 55

GPS verified 11 mph on the Deere. Hehehe. Someday I want to feel what it's like to go 150+ in a car. I just don't want to pay the price on a public road. Fastest I have ever driven was around 135 in a Mustang GT and a T-bird SC.

170 mph on a '94 Kawasaki ZX-7 Ninja going south on 127 in Michigan. Only done once. Never do again. Sold it and put the lift on my Ex.

165----no lie..in my neighbors 2000 dodge viper....OMG..FAST

156 mph in a 99 Corvette on the front stretch of Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI.

97 in my EX sport
110 in my mom's Lexus 300RX
122 in my dad's BMW 740i

130 in my friend's '90 S-10 (4.3 and low restriction exhaust, makes it pretty quick) as shown on the digital dash

130~ in my '76 Chevelle (horizontal speedo reads 100 and the needle was pointing at the passengers feet, guess I should have installed the 120 mph speedo instead of the 100! and that was with a breathed on 305 sucking through a 2 barrel carb! this car was weird in that it got quieter the faster you went above 80mph.

120 in my '86 Pontiac 6000-STE, ran out of rpms. that 130hp 2.8 could move it fairly well, it also had a digital dash so no girly 85mph speedo.

110 in my Explorer, hit a bump and it topped and bottomed out the suspension 10 times, slowed down after that too scary!

108 (blasted govener!) in mom's '92 Buick LeSabre

90mph in Dad's old '87 Dakota 4x4 flat out, down a hill with a tailwind. Load it like the Beverly Hillbillies and it'll do 55!

42 on my 1982 Open Road 10 speed according to the speedometer and the fact I was passing cars in a 30mph! Passed a cop too, he just laughed when he finally caught up with me.

about 110 in a 1971 pontiac catalina boat in high school couldnt let my friend beat me to school in her moms tropper
Somewhere around 60 on a mountain bike going down a long sttep dirt road. My friends spedo said 63 but who knows how accurate that was.
Also begged the speedo on my moms 91 escort back to zero. it was an 86 speedo like an old explorer so who knows what it reallt was The tack read 5k in 5th gear.


113 in my ex, pegged my buddy's probe at 120 and 140 in my dads chevelle

135mph 92 300 zx turbo
125 bmw 750
120 88 stang gt
pegged speedo in a 94 berreta z26(120+)
neon 115 or so
pegged speedo in 93 X, probably about 110
110-115 95 civic
97 firebird v6 110
115 93 cutlass supreme convertible, racing a thunderbird
pegged speedo in a 91 escort(85) just shifted into 4th(auto), less than 3500 rpm's
115 or so in a 92 lumina
115 96 grand prix
110 dodge dakota
100 96 silverado
94 94 and 00 s10(brothers)
95 in a 93 probe 4 banger
burried speedo in a 89 f150 (85 mph speedo)

35 4 stroke indian moped

about 125 in the x...(friend driving stang next to me)
not very impressive considering the $$ in this x

105 In X going around a turn on rt 287 near morristown NJ, it took 4 lanes to make the turn, bad idea.
135 in friends 2001 trans am
120 in friends mustang gt
95 in my old 92 Fullsize bronco
105 in my grandmothers 97 carolla
100 in my dads x, on 3/4 mile stretch of road
108 in my sis's 97 X, dont know how she could hit that and i cant
112 in a friends 42 foot fountain with twin custom supercharged 502's
60 Im guessing, on my 1983 honda ATC 185s(yes, a three wheeler with no rear suspension, no brakes and no helmet) racing a timberwolf, on an abandoned air strip, that was the scariest momnet of my life, def thought i was gonna flip and die
115 in friends gt convertable with top down, in the back seat, (that was interesting)

I did 110 in the X to see what she could do.
125 in my friends accord with performance mods
135 in my friends Integra all supped up with mods