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Whats the largest size tire I can Run on my stock 94 explorer

I have a 94 explorer it has stock rims and tires on it. I was wondering what is the largest size I can run with out lifting and loosing to much power.

Is a V-6 4.0 Auto tranny

This is my first experince with a Ford suv I have a 4Runner thats real sharp with 8 inchs of lift and 35's and all the goodies. but I dont know a lick about fords

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Hi Ryan
The largest tire you can mount in a stock '92 Explorer using OEM wheels (7" wide) is the 31X10.5R15, but some Explorers can only use 30X9.5R15s. Get one of the 31s and try it on your truck - I'm almost sure it will fit without problems (my '92 has them mounted in 15X8s with minimal rub at the inner fender at full lock).
Regarding power loss, 31" would be fine if you have 3.73:1 diff gears or lower (numerically higher). If you have 3.27:1 or 3.55:1 better stay with a smaller tire or you will loose lots of power.
What year is your 4Runner? A friend of mine has one of them (stock) and it is great off road.

(fitment is the same for '91 thru '94 Explorers)

Thanks for the info mando..how do I find out what gear ratio I have in that Explorer

As for my 4Runner is an 88 with 8inches of lift 35 inch tires, stock 4 banger that i just rebuilt and I run 5:29 gears in the stock toyota axels

Just take a look at the diff pumpkink. I believe that the available stock gears were 3.27:1, 3.55:1, 3.73:1, and, for some years, 4.10:1 (not sure about this last one). May be the numbers are not complete, but you will find at least two digits of them and then you can figure out. There's probably an easier way to find out (e.g. labels), but that's the only one I know.

88... Does it have the solid axle?