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what's this wire do? 4406 question


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March 15, 2004
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noone's writeup seems to cover what this wire is for... any ideas?


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Winner winner. Chiken dinner.

nooooo vss should be the thing sticking out, I circled the split loom, it's seperate.

see the plug on the bottom coming off the split loom

In this photo you can see it goes into the main casing


the brown wire is for the late model F-150 clutch disconnect or something like this, it only allows the 4406 to engage 4x4 when the front axle has caught up to drivetrain speed or some junk like this... its an electronuematic clutch of some sort... the bottom line is for our 4406 conversions, its NOT NEEDED :)

the truck or transfer case I should say will switch into 4x4 hi just fine (I only do this under 45 mph) and to get into low range you just stop and put the truck in Neautral

I think the brown wire has been covered, I dont think anyone with the 4406 conversion has hooked it up

I had the same questions you do when I saw this wire, mine is still hanging there just like in those pics :) hahaha

because those ARE your pictures, I'd prefer not to open mine as it has a warranty