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What's up everone


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May 19, 2003
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Hell...should be leaving soon!!!
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98 XLT 2wd
I am new to the boards and thought I would stop in and say what's up. My explorer is in the sig. Nothing impressive, except for I almost have the wife talked into letting me lift it, and put a BBK instacharger on it.

I also own a 89 Mustang 5.0 which is my toy and I have a 98 Dakota sport which is my daily driver. The Explorer sits 4-5 days out of the week.

Some of the other boards I post on is cafords.com and dto.org.

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welcome to the boards man, sounds like you have some exciting plans...keep us posted.

Welcome to the boards. So you live in Hell, huh? That wouldn't happen to be Hell, Michigan would it?

Welcome to the site!:D

Welcome man! Throw on some lift spindles, body lift, do a tt, some perrys fenders, and some 35s! :D

Welcome to the site Shane!

Welcome aboard!