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Whats Wrong


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March 21, 2003
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94, no mods
Hey guys im not too sure wuts wrong but i have a 94 explorer pretty much stock now but i do have plans for a 3'' body lift soon and a 2'' susp llift with some 33's, but my 4x4 doest work. WHen i hit the button absolutely nothing happens. No light or noises. I want to convert to manual locking hubs so will this fix it or what? does anoyone kno wuts wrong.

most likely the shift motor on the transfer case is dead... see if it is getting proper voltage to power it and if it is getting voltage and isnt doing any shifting replace it.

Locking hubs won't fix that. Good to choice to convert though. Have you checked the fuses? How about the fuses or circuit breakers under the hood? It sounds like the shift motor. I beleive there is a thread here somewhere that explains how to take it off and clean it.....

Might just be a corroded connection. Try the easy fix first:

Crawl underneath and unplug the cable that goes to the transfer case shift motor. spray some electrical contact cleaner or De-Oxit into the connectors. Mate and unmate the connectors a few times to clear out any crud. Spray them again and plug them together. This fixed the intermittent no 4WD on my '92.