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WHats wrong????


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March 21, 2003
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Hey i have an aiwa h/u with with stock speakers, and i have as bazooka amp going to 2 infinity twelves that i had installed all for 60 dollars...i thought that was a good deal. Any ways, after i got it installed and turned it on, my rear door speakers have sort of a buzzing sound and there is engine noise in them too. I took it back to the place and the guy said that my facotry amp culd be goin bad, (didnt know i even had one). THe front 2 speakers are fine its just the rear two. WHat do you think is wrong?


They need to bypass that factory amp and run the speakers from the power of you Aiwa HU... That is just installer 101... I think you took your ride to a backyard hack that didn't know completly what he was doing...

so should i take it back there and tell them that or what?