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Whats your mpgs and what do I look for?


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February 28, 2003
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south jersey
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07 Mountaineer V8
Im in the market for a 06+ mountaineer or explorer for my wife. Want the v8 but wanna know what real world mpgs you guys are getting in the v6 and v8. Also, what problems are people having or should I look for in used ones?

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I have a 02, V6 and bets I have seen is 12.5mpg city and 19mpg highway

I just got my 06 with a V8. Took a 3000 mile trip and most of the time averaged 22 mpg hwy and 18 in the city. Had a head wind going into SLC and dropped the HWY down to 17 @ 75mph avg speed.

Pretty much inline with what I have got for several years on my V8 Explorer. I do drive pretty easy.

4.0 v6 15-17 local....Typical steady 65mph= 19-22 mpg

Really depends on how you are driving in these vehicles. Ours is a V6 Eddie Bauer 4x4. My wife, who practically never goes faster than 45 around town, stop & go on side streets, only gets about 12 mpg. I drove it to work one week, 36 miles each day mostly freeway with moderate traffic and I got about 17, or about the same as my Mustang. On a trip to San Antonio, I averaged about 22-23 mpg going 60-65 fully loaded with 7 people and a loaded hitch mounted luggage rack. If I only count the steady highway driving portion of a trip (via the computer) I get about 25-26+. From my experience, the computer is about 1-1.5 mpg higher than actual since it says I used 19.4 gallons and the pump says 20.5 or so.

Really I am very impressed at how well it does compared to our previous vehicle, a Yukon XL. Not as much room, but enough for us now that my oldest is off to college.

Our 06 EB V6 gets about 22-24 on a trip traveling at 75mph. This is with 4 people and loaded with luggage. Around town it ranges from 12 to 15 (very hilly terrain here in PA)

Great vehicle so far!

my 08 v6 gets around 18.5 with mixed driving in the summer, another 1-1.5 in the winter. my computer says higher than that but it's never quite right.

Well guys, we gotta mountaineer. Check my new post about it.

congrads on getting a mounty

sheesh I was looking at explorers the other night, but maybe not now....

I have an 06 Eddie Bauer and I am averaging about 15 mpg city. I drove about 20 miles a day.

Another thing to consider with city driving. Driving in a large congested city will lower mpg considerably than where I am. We still move pretty good with traffic flow.

07 Limited 4 x 4 mileage

07 Limited 4 x 4 with 4.6L V8 gets on average 17.5 mpg in local driving around town. Not bad in hilly Western Pa. On the highway the vehicle does somewhat better at 21 mpg. Not great but not terrible, really the 07 is only slightly worse than the 02 EB with the 4.0 V6 that I traded. The 02 averaged about 19 City and 23 Highway. The 07 with the 4.6L and the 6sp auto is smooth and comfortable ride.

My '08 4x4 V6 gets about 14-17 commuting to work (depending on much I use the freeway). On road trips it will get 21-23 depending on terrain and wind conditions. Those are my numbers - the dashboard readout consistently reports about 1 MPG higher than I calculate at the gas pump.