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wheel and tire fitment?

T3h H4r3

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September 8, 2009
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Nixa, Missouri
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2001 Ford Explorer Sport
I have a 01 explorer sport with no lift. I was wondering if I could fit 16x8 wheels with a 5 inch backspace and a +12 mm offset. with some 265/70 tires mounted on those wheels. thanks in advance.

That wheel size is almost perfect for retaining the
stock steering geometry. I'm 'guessing' that they will

My 00 Sport has 255x70x15 on 7" wide wheels with 4 5/8"
backspacing, and there's plenty of room left in all directions,
so I see no problems.....

I was fairly certain the tires would clear, but I wasn't too sure about the wheels. thanks for the info.

T3h, the closest interference for the 5" backspaced wheels
would be the tie rod ends. There looks to be plenty of
clearance on my 00, but to be sure you might try measuring

Assuming you have the stock alloy wheels, they should have
4 5/8" backspacing, so you'll need an additional 3/8" to
compensate for the new 5" backspacing, (to clear the
tie rod ends). If that measurement between the wheel edge
and the tie rod end is 1/2" or more, they should fit OK.
Good luck.