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Wheel Bearing fixed still road noise


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August 2, 2012
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Roseburg, OR
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2003 Sport Trac
Well about 2 years ago had front driver wheel bearing go out, got fixed. Just started hearing road noise again from passenger side. Replaced wheel bearing and hub assembly still have the road noise. What could be giving me this road noise now, pretty sure its front but not positive, it is on passenger side I can tell for sure,

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Best way to diagnose is to lift the front wheels off the ground. Check tires FIRST.

Tires are good maybe balance is off but tires are only 6 months old

as a bearing begins to fall apart or seperate you throw off alignment at the wheel by doing this it irregularly wears your tires so replacing the bearing replaces proper alignment at the wheel therefore causing irregular tires rolling on a proper alignment equaling road noise.

also a vibrating wheel/wheel bearing can cause issues elsewhere and break other parts if left to long. how did the brakes look while you where in there.

Breaks were great, yea I have to take them in for a rotate so I will have them take a look at my balance and all that. Thanks

so wheel balance good, there are going to do a true diagnoses of the noise in the shop, maybe I got a bad wheel bearing and hub assembly, or maybe the other side I replaced 2 years ago went bad again.