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Wheel Bearing\front end alignment


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May 22, 2002
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05 XLT 4.6
The spousal unit took her 05 XLT V8 (230K miles) to the tire\alignment shop the other day to get the tires rotated and front end alignment. They told her they could not align the truck because it needed a new front left wheel bearing.

Does this sound right?

Do I need to change both bearing assemblies?

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I'm not sure about that one at all. What symptoms are you experiencing with the vehicle. Because without any noise or vibration, I'd be curious what is wrong with the bearing and how it was determined.

I spoke to the manager and he told me that when the sensors are hooked up for the alignment they are showing a lot of movement on the left wheel and it can align the wheel with it having that much movement. He said that right side is fine. So I guess it makes sense now. Tonight I am going to be changing the Bearing assembly

I know you can't align with a bad ball joint/tie rod ? That could/would cause movement.

The Ball Joints have been replaced...I did that myself...The folks at the alignment shop said the tie rods are fine no exesse movement with them. They said the movement was from the bearing assembly.

All the help I can get is great...Thanks