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Wheel Bearing Troubles


May 30, 2008
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2002 Sport Trac
I recently had a vibration/humming noise appear in my 2002 4x4 ST. It was most noticable from 30-45 mph. I was out of town and my truck sat for about a week and when I came back the noise was much louder.

The sound would go away when I would turn right... putting more pressure on the left tire, which lead me to believe that that was the bad wheel bearing.

I replaced the wheel bearing and hub assembly and the noise went away for about a week, but now it's slowly coming back. Did I just get a new bad wheel bearing from the auto store?

Thanks for any help.

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Actually if I remember correctly; if you turn right and the noise goes away that means it is the right side bearing since you are unloading it when turning. Should just replace both at the same time. I used to buy mine from Autozone cuz they sold timken bearings and they had a 1 year warranty, and would replace them every year on autozones dime.

It doesn't make any sense why the noise went away for a week though after I replaced the left wheel bearing...

It doesn't make any sense why the noise went away for a week though after I replaced the left wheel bearing...

It's not impossible.

It's more than likely the left side that's bad. When you cut the wheel to the left the load transfers to the right wheel.

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When I cut the wheel to the right the sound goes away, so that means that the right bearing is bad, correct?

I actually watched one of your videos on youtube that helped me a ton with the replacement procedure, thanks a lot!

Is there any type of fluid that could leak from a bad Hub bearing?
or do I have bad Hub bearings and another problem??

I do have the annoying noise as if my tires were bad, but it was there before my new tires and still there after new tires and alignment.

Thanx, Dan