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wheel hub bearing Explorer 2005 RWD


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May 29, 2014
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Explorer 2005

In this way I will ask if somebody may help me.
The wheel bearing (front) at the 2005 Explorer RWD is damaged an nowbody can tell me how to repair it.:mad:
By ebay I found bearings, but my friend says to me that I need a completly wheel hub bearing.
I would be happy, if anybody could help me.:)
Sincerely Gerd

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You will remove the rear hub/knuckle assembly. Then take it to a machine shop. Give then the new bearing, or new bearing and hub and they will press the old unit apart and the new unit together. Then you can put it back on the car.
You won't be able to press the bearing at home.
Whomever you call, make sure they have successfully done this before. Less they ruin the knuckle.

I need the information for front wheel bearing

Hello number 4,

thank you for this information.
I made a mistake because I need the information for front wheel hub bearing.
Can you also help ?:thumbsup:
Sincerely Gerd

its easier to just get the bearing in the hub already and replace the whole hub.

It is done

Hello, thank you to erverybody for informations.

The question for me was:

Can I change only the bearings or have I to change the whole hub and if that, wher can I get it.

The answer: I have to Change the whole hub an I got the hub out.:thumbsup:

The part is ordered in USA and my uncle will send it to me.:)

sincerely gerd