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Wheel Hub Bearing Question


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April 8, 2007
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1998 Explorer Eddie Bauer
I think I might have a bad hub on the passenger side. It is a ton looser and easier to turn and sounds like it is grinding when you rotate it. I was wanting if that is a sign of a bad hub other then pushing and pulling on the tire to feel if it is loose. I believe the grinding sound that the Hub makes is the noise I've been hearing while driving around 30-40 mph. I thought it was my brakes, but now I believe it is the hub. So what are some major signs or a bad hub? Is the looseness/sloppiness a sign?

Also the spline from the CV axle that goes through the hub, does it need to be greased or anything when putting it all back together? Or do you just clean them up and put them back together???

I know how to take the Hub off and put it back on as I have it off already, because I am in the middle of replacing all my ball joints and control arm bushings and sway bar link. I just need to know how to tell if the hub is bad and if you need to grease the spline that goes through the hub. Thanks, CB

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Shop told me my front bearings need replacing when i was getting an alignment, only symptom I can notice is a vibration when driving over 55

If you raise the wheel up and grab the tire and can move it in & out about 1/4" or so then you have a bad hub. Sounds like grinding are also a symptom of a bad one. If one fails while your driving, you'll be screwed, I had mine seize once to the cv axle. Look in the Useful thread section of this forum.. There is a good write-up on the hub assembly replacement. I would replace them regardless.

change it, that grinding is the bearing about to blow out. I had the same thing, of course i ignored it, and boom, the hub blew up, bearings everywhere

thanks guys

I replaced the hub with a Timken from Autozone. It was $168 bucks after tax. I heard Timken was a good brand so thats what I went with and it was the best price I could find in the time I had to look. I know they're cheaper on ebay, but after you pay shipping charges it really isn't that great of a savings. Plus I was getting ready to put my front end back together. It rides a 100 times better. I replaced all 4 ball joints, the sway bar links, the lower control arm bushings, the upper control arm bushings and the one hub. Anyways the new hub is on and the grinding sound is gone. I'm not sure if the driver side was new or not but it definitely did not make the grinding sound that the passenger side did. I will check it for "play" when I rotate my tires here in a couple weeks. One thing for sure is I do not want to have to remove the torsion bars again anytime soon. I barely got them back in with the ****ty 2 jaw gear puller that i was using. Next time I will get the correct tool to use. Thanks for the info guys. If anyone needs help on ball joints let me know. Thanks, CB