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wheel on a deal..help!


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April 4, 2006
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Highland, Md
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92 XLT
:us: i've got a really big project..an 84 cj-7.. so thats suckin up most of my money but i cant let my explorer go to waste..its not the daily driver..i've got a lil 86 2wd ranger for that..so i'd liek to do something reasonable that will work, gimme a more agressive look, clear some bigger tires..like some 31's and still hav travel..im fine with cuttin up fenders..(but if you hav tips for that..please help) and any product suggestions would help as well..i hav a mako 2 inch front coil spacer..and i was plannin on lifting the rear 3 inches..maybe a block?..or a shackle..any help is appreciated thanks a lot..
btw its a 1992 explorer xlt 4L v6 4wd..conical air filter setup and flowmaster 40series muffler

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31's will fit just fine I believe. Put some one of my own before I sold it. You're spacer coupled with some new shocks should be more than enough clearance for them tires but only a 31 will eventually get old. I ran em for a while but the low hanging ex and the build up bug bit me and my ex ended up lifted on 33's before the summer ended.

well i AM gunna get a lil lift..so theyll fit prett nicely i suppose..i like the clearance look..i'd like bigger tires with stock or larger clearance..so i thought 31s and 2-3 inch would work..wut width were ur tires on the stock height..any rub?..how big you think i could go with the 2-3 in lift and say..31s?

maybe 32's with 2-3 in. lift. I had 31's completely stock with no rubs at all. later on I got a 3-inch body lift and 33's on stock rims and they rubbed the sway bar but no biggy.

wut width were your 31s...i think sotck wheels are 15-7 or sumthin..then wut were the widths on the 33s?..im lookin for the best tire option with the 2-3 spacer lifts on the suspension..with kinda max width..without major rub..and a good diameter, with travel..wut wheels and backspacing would help avoid stuff like swaybar rub..im fine with cuttin fenders to..

the 31's were 10.5 inches wide and the 33's were 12.50 inches wide. ran em both on stock rims 15x7, not sure what offset you might need to not rub the swaybar. If you don't mind stock rims use some spacers on em.

how did the 1050s sitck out?..kuz im lookin for som tires to sitck out a bit..

From what I've read on this site the ideal rim is a 15x8 with 3.75" Backspace. I've got 32x11.50's on that size rim and it clears all the suspension fine, just a little rub on inner fender plastic (with 2" spacers).

Here's what it looks like. I don't remember exactly how far they stick out, but its a couple inches.

yeah on the stock rims the 31's looked stock and the 33's were just about flush with the factory explorer sport flares on it.

do a search, there's a thread around here somewhere that has max tire sizes for stock and various lifts

yeah thanks..i seen that thread..i was askin anyone from experience with ther rigs..that green 91 i think it was looks jus like mine..and i like that look..i believe u were sayin a 15x8 wheel with 3.75 backspacing and 32 1150 bfg a/ts?..and those were only 2in spacers? kuz thats wut i got..that really looks fine for me..so please confirm wut i was sayin bout your rig..kuz thats def like wut imt alking about..thanks a lot

That's my '92, the full info is in the sig and more pictures in the registry. Its the 15x8 w/ 3.75" backspace, 2" coil spacers in front, AAL and shackles in back.

wut kinda flow you got? i got a 40s im thinkin bout puttin on..i like your rig a lot man..im def prolly goin wiht a similar setup..i'd like to talk mor about it..kuz as i said im lookin at doin a similar style project