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Wheel Opinions


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February 12, 2009
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Valparaiso, Indiana
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2004 Eddie Bauer
Well, I've decided to get some new wheels to replace my peeling chromies. I have been looking for a "truck" wheel, not the typical 20" wheels most Explorers end up with (including my current ones). I think I have found them, what do you guys think?


Since they are a 20x9, I'll be getting the ones with 0 offset, so they should look really good with the 275/55/20 tires I am running once I get the lift all done (1.5" body and 2" suspension) I think I will probably get new tires for them too, probably Firestone Destination LE's for summer use, and have my current wheels blasted and powdercoated black for winter use with the Fuzion XTi's I've got now. What do you all think?

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They look hell nice mate!

Very shiny :)

Not nearly as shiny as chrome though! I like the look of a good, simple chrome wheel on the Explorer, but I think these would give it a more rugged, truck like look. Especially if I do get the Destination LE's and mount them with the white letters showing. I think it would be a nice change from what everybody else is running.

Thats really close to the moto metal version but a bit cheaper. looks good though!