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Wheel Spacer size for 99 X Sport?

with stock tires, I want the wheels to line up with the fender flares, front and rear.... what'd the size of the spacers be? please advice...

and where's the best place to buy spacers online? reasonable price for a reasonable quality.

Maximum 1/4" spacers, there aren't enough threads for more. You would have to change studs, or go to wider adapters(1" or more). Don't buy cheap, multi hole spacers. Good luck,

Use H+R mustang spacers (also sold for explorers but are the same part). These come in either 1" or 1.75" sizes and include new studs and nutts. These bolt onto your regular studs and the wheel bolts onto the studs on the spacer. I use 1.75" with good results. I have gone 50000 miles without any problems, including light offroading. They also seem to correct the increased body roll with lift shakles. Don't space the front wheels, they look best where they are. This will also keep any larger then stock tires for rubbing.

If you have 31" tires or larger, you will need to increase your rear height to keep the tires from rubbing the fender flare. I have warrior shakles wich work for stock tires. I plan on going with F150 leafs to fit 32"s. 33"+ will require custom spring packs and relocation of the brake line.

thanks for the replies. I guess i'll go with the 1.75" adaptor from H&R or Performance Wheel & Tire.... which is less pricey.