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Wheelin 4 Toys at KRPP

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I feel bad about not going. I can't seem to find the bag of toys that were sitting in the guest room a month ago, my GF thinks she took them to her school, but isn't really sure.

So no toys to give and worst of all...............me not being there. Sorry to bum ya'll out and the trip isn't going to be the same with out me. Either way, I'm sure by some miracle that you will find a way to enjoy the trip:D (This is a joke by the way)

Have fun and wheel safe. Hopefully you don't have any freezing rain and most importantly, get pictures taken!!!

Getting around and ready to head out. Rig is loaded and ready to wheel.whom I tring to kid it's always loaded and ready to wheel!! That's why I bought it!! Joshua is bringing a buddy from school with us so we have some new blood to scare the crap out of!! and I'm sure with my driving it will be done!
See ya sooner or later!!

AW CRAP IT'S RAINING!! But it looks like it's about to blow over!!

It's starting to snow here in Gardner, Nevada isn't showing anything by cold and wind?

Hope all is well!

Well we had a good time. Levi you did a great job of leading us around. Levi is a good driver, and I & Joshua like wheel'n with him!! Didn't many pic's,wasn't stopped enough to get any. Here is what I did get. Oh and it was COLD & WINDY!! Still a good day!!

Here were waiting to get started.

I forget why we stopped this time?

A video of Levi. What a truck!!

Then we came upon this. And after he got out,he drove around came back and did it again.


that was a mess I' glad I dodn't have to clean! And a video of his epic fail!!

I don't know why everytime the frist thing I do is run a tree along side of my truck. And one tree got my drivers side head light and turn signal. They still work and you can hardly tell it. Joshuas buddy said he didn't get scared and that he had fun,so all is well.

Looking forward to frost bite in feb.. Now I going to go soak my bones again.

Everyone be safe!!

I completely forgot to update this after we got back, had an awesome time wheelin with Mark as usual he makes everything look easy that it takes me multiple tries to get up. The cause was awesome there were a ton of toys that got donated. Pretty happy with the outcome of the raffle as I won a free pass to the park for a day, a free night at the cabins that are pretty close and free food in Mapleton, not too bad for $5 in raffles.

The cold deffinitely wasn't too fun, especially since my coil spring kept unseating itself and my heater decided to quit working.

I think I've hooked another guy on wheeling, took one of my buddies out who had never been and now he's trying to find a little s-10 to wheel, silly chevy guys.

When I find my card reader the very few pictures I took will be uploaded, not too sure Mark wants one of them posted though:p:.

After wheeling we headed down to Ft Scott to watch a rodeo that some of my friends were riding in, pretty sure on the way back from there it was a complete blizzard with visabilty for a few hundred feet, the wind really sucked as it made me stay in 4th gear all the way back with no overdrive or it just started slowing down.

Already itching to go wheeling again once I get my coil spring retainers mounted.

Edit. Found card reader

The big monster rig getting stuck in a little mud

Sorry Mark had to do it, in all reality it wasn't really his fault I took the line to the right that was a little bit drier, althouth this was on a black diamond trail.
The little truck pulling it out

:D Nice photoshop!!!:p: No really I was just tring to boost your confadince(sp):thumbsup:

Looking at that pic I don't see what was so bad about it,except for we were heading for the tree.So I stopped to keep from hitting it. Which I did anyway,thats where we lightly damaged our front head light. Well frist it felt like we were going to tip over to the drivers side then the tree was there. It sure felt like we were deeper then that pic makes it look.:rolleyes:

I'm still learning as we go. And LEVI you got it backwards your rig and your driving makes your rig look as big as my rig!!!:p:

Looking forward to frost bite so get your coil springs fixed. And tell your buddy I said he can't come if he brings a dang chevy!!:p: I had to buy a dang FORD so I could come and play!!j/king

Look forward to wheel'n with you again levi. Even if you do take bad pic's!!:D