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Wheelin' @ Big Bear 30 & 31


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October 23, 2001
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Wheelin' @ Big Bear Aug 30th & 31st

I'm planning a trip to Big Bear the weekend of 30/31
So far it will be a friend in his jeep, an early Bronco and myself. We plan to run John Bull trail and take it from there so we're open to suggestions. Haven't nailed down a campsite yet but deciding on either Crab Flats or
Big Pine Flats since they are pretty centralized to a lot of trails. If anyone wants to join us on either Sat or Sun
just for the day you are more than welcome...you could meet us at the campsite and take off from there.
Anyways, i'll update the thread with all the particulars as
I get them, just wanted to see who was interested.
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Most likely, I'll join you!

Good deal Bill...still working on the details, hope to have them ironed out this weekend.

I am still trying to get my pos electric t-case to work. If I get the buggs out by then I will join you.

Oh yeah, i was meaning to ask you about that, did you check out the ford parts network to see how much a new module is? Hope you get it working though:(

didnt find anything on there but list price from ford is 400 for the motor and 300 for the board. I did find a junk yard in indio with a 13-54 manual for 150 though.

Wow, i'd go for the manual for sure and say bye bye to the electric T-case.

On a good note I finaly got the bugs (or most of them) out of my CB setup. I can talk in excess of 4 miles thru power lines with no distortion. Just dont know how well it will work on a trail with trees and hills between me and whom ever.

Change of dates...

OK, my friend in his jeep says he has his kids the weekend of 23/24 but he can go the weekend before or after that. Weekend before might be a little chaotic with the inland empire 4wheelers run going on up there but at this point i don't mind, i just wanna go wheelin.
Anyone else whos interested in goin throw in your 2 cents.

I wouldn't mind going the week after. I just found out that my favorite brewery is having their annual open house the 23rd. :chug:

Good enough for me, i'll go with that then and we'll make it the 30/31. I'm gonna talk to my buddy tonight and confirm the dates.
Just got my welder today and now i just have to get a 220v line put in. So hopefully I'll have some rock sliders in time for the trip :D

I would like to go, but I can't on the 23-24, its my daughter's big yearly horse show.

Bill, are you talking about Stone? Cause, if you are, I would like to check that out also!! I have a whole fridge full of their pale ale in my garage.

I don't see any problems with the next weekend though.

Felix, you don't really have to worry about distance with CB's on the trail cause we are usually only 30 feet apart.

Yeah Brian, it's Stone Brewery in San Marcos. Their open house is a blast!

Ok...here's the official game plan, we are going to camp at Crab Flats the weekend of the 30th and 31st. I'm deciding whether or not to go up Fri night just to set up camp and get settled but I figure those who are coming up Sat morning can try to be there around 8:30, then you can set up camp then hit the trails. One of my friends who is going has a # to make reservations at Crab Flats, i'll get it from him and post it here...better to be safe than S.O.L.

I got the website from my friend to make reservations which is www.reserveamerica.com and nothing was available at either Crab Flats or Big Pine Flat.
Unless someone knows of other campgrounds we can try our options are either go for a day trip, push the trip ahead the following weekend or even go next weekend (16/17) even though it may be a little crowded on the trails with the inland empire 4wheelers run goin on.
Lets hear you suggestions.

BTW: Crab Flats is available for next weekend (16/17)

The 16-17th I'm out of town. A day trip would be okay. We could also camp 'not in a campground'. I believe it's allowed up there, at least in some areas. Or, don't most campgrounds have nonreservable spots that you can only get the day of?

I was talking with my buddy and he was saying the same thing about the campgrounds...a lot of them are ona first come first serve basis, so I think we should go up and meet somewhere then check out a few campgrounds and if nothing is available get a room somewhere. That's worst case scenario but I'm sure we can find a place to camp. So lets go for 30th and 31st and decide on a meeting place,

You do not need to camp in a campground at Big Bear. I have never camped in a designated campground and know a few good places where several rigs could camp. All you need is one of the "Adventure passes" for $5.00 per day to camp anywhere in the National Forest.

There is a place about 5 miles in from Fawnskin at the end of a meadow that would fit 8-10 rigs no problem with plenty of privacy. As long as there are no motorhomes of large trailers along cause its down a fire road, which keeps most people out. A pop-up camp trailer would make it just fine, there are just some overhanging trees and a few hills that would make it nearly impossible for anything bigger. I can look up the spot on a forest service map I have if anyone thinks this would be a good idea. There are no facilities (bathrooms, sinks, water, etc..) but lots of trees and rocks to dig a small hole behind.

Sounds good to me Brian, maybe Running Springs would be a good meeting place then you could lead us to the campsite...everyone cool with that plan?

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Originally posted by BKennedy
I can look up the spot on a forest service map I have if anyone thinks this would be a good idea.
Yeah, look it up, and post a map if possible.:D

I believe there are no fires allowed up there, and that probably includes cooking stoves.:( What are we gonna do for coffee???:eek: