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Wheelin in Turkey Bay


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August 4, 2008
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Lacey, WA
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Just wondering how many people could go wheeling or want to go at Turkey Bay (LBL) around the first week in December. I know it is going to be cold but that is the soonest I can go because I am not going to be in the area till around mid to middle of November. This is also the soonest that I will get any vacation time and need to put lift and stuff on before I go.


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where ya from?

i am extremely interested, have never been but would love to go

l8r, John:cool:

Clarksville TN

I miss ole clarksville. I grew up there and am now poking around Antioch with the wife.

subscribing.....i would like to go, i have heard good things about LBL. it's a long drive for me though for a one day event, and december is not good camping weather

Yeah I dont plan on camping there just wheelin then I may stay at the house or get a room in dover tn or cadiz ky which both arnt far away from there. with in the next week i should be able to have a date on when i can go.

Man there are a few more from TN here lately. AWESOME

I would like to do something in december also.

anyone still interested in going to Turkey Bay???

really wanting to go.

l8r, John:cool:

Currently it is still closed due to the Ice storms about a month ago but i will post when it is back open.