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Wheeling the weekend after thanksgiving?


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October 26, 2008
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Denver CO
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1991 Ranger x-cab
Anyone going wheeling the friday sat or sunday after thanksgiving? I want to hit a trail somewhere near Denver. Just trying to put something together and thought it would be fun to go up with some fellow ford guys...let me know.

the sound, of silence

Man, I would totally be up for it, if I hadn't broken my own Ranger.

I'm waiting on new coils for my Ranger, then we should party. I've got a lifted x-cab myself, and I'd like to wheel w/ some other ford folks again.

I'll be in touch, happy Turkey Day!

went and had fun anyways. Hit me up when you fix your truck. Im always down to go wheelin.
so I didnt get out till sunday but it was worth the wait...trimmed the front fenders a little took another 8 inches of the gas tank skid plate so my driveshaft wouldnt rub when flexed out and dropped my diff fluid(had a few metal flakes from the breakin but not bad). Truetrac performed flawlessly in the snow, loved the new warn hubs, and the suspension flexed well over anything I came across.



snow chic

Heres the same spot, a windy ass campsite, last summer.