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Wheels bearings...or Rear end


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September 1, 2010
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Tallahassee, Florida
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02 XLT 4x4
Soo I have a question...

Is it wheel bearings or my rear end whining?

Symptoms: Loud roaring noise, gets progressively louder with speed, sounds like an agressive mud terrain in the cabin.

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Could be either one. Have someone sit in the back row or 3rd row if you have it and have them listen. Have them sit on he left and then on the right. If the noise is to the sides of the truck it's probably the wheel bearings. If in the middle it could be the pinion bearings. Let us know how you mad out on this.

Exactly what I have before when I have bad rear wheel bearings. The differential whine might change everytime you hit the gas, the wheel bearing still has the roar regardless as long as you're above 30mph.


Having the same type of issue with my 04 Ex and at one point we had ruled out the bearrings since the noise would only occur when we pressed the gas and would stop as soon as we let off the pedal.... changed the fluid out and it seemed to help but now we are possibly looking at a replacement as the noise is back with a vengeance!!!!

Also, any idea if this could make the rear end seem to sway or almost feel like a fishtail?? we live in an area where the roads have a lot of twists and turns and it almost seems like the rear of the truck doesnt seem connected....does that sound at all related?

we checked and everything underneath looks in tact and no visible leaks

Agreed on the bearing if it is constant, the rear end if it is only on acceleration and stops when coasting.

As for the sway/fishtail, that sounds more like worn tires (or tires that need air) or worn springs, shocks/struts, ball joints, or a problem with a sway bar.

Im pretty sure its my pinion bearing going bad, Ill replace it eventually lol. More important things on the list.