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Where are the two Front Impact Sensors loacted?

The RadMan

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July 7, 2008
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Ottawa, Ontario Canada
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2006 Explorer 4DR XLT 4L
Specifically on the 4th Gen Explorer 2006 (my August 2005)

I am trying to find where the front impact sensors (two) are located.

I purchased an expensive SRS/ABS scanner
which resulted in the one DTC "B2296" relating to faulty Front Impact Sensors.

For 2006, 4th generation Exploders were designed with twin sensors,
improving upon the single sensor design in the previous generation.

I verified that the part(s) are part number 9L2Z14B004A in a twin set of
encapsulated pressure momentary switches, that have a history of malfunction.
Within these two wire devices, [sense] and [return] ,
a small fail-open resistance to GROUND at one mounting bolt
signals an open circuit back to the RCM.

I strongly suspect either
an continually open or intermittent connection to one or both sensors,
one or both sensors have suffered the mount bolt crack shown pictorially in so many forums
Rad anti-freeze fluid has corroded the assemblies.
(with evidence of Radiator that has been replaced due to top reservoir leak; also typical on 2006).

I have inspected from the other side of the grill,
under and around the bumper assemblies,
lower air bumper aperture,
under bumper looking up,
and I am having a hard time locating the two sensors.

Does anyone have a drawing or perhaps description of the location? of the Front Impact Sensors on a Ford Explorer 2006 XLT 4door with 4WD and 4.0L SOHC engine?

PLease do not suggest the B pillar switch or other sensors ; I have narrowed it down to the exact circuits and now I just need to find them.

I will follow the RCM power down, with Fuse 17 out, negative terminal off battery, and wait to drain residual current, before circuit repair or sensor replacement.

I am getting some emails saying they are on the header around the bottom of the Radiator
and I will need to disconnect for pull tabs from the lower air dam to see the two sensors on either
side of that area. The number one reason for fault is corrosion. Some folks are saying that connectors
are not really available and I hate to go pull-yard diving with cold weather coming.

As I go along on this discovery, I will "reply" inline with pictures, to this post, to inform other owners.

Thank You for the Scribd link. The goo and bing searches, and two Dealerships were unable to answer this, but the one picture you linked is golden.